Mum’s mum

Mum’s mum - NAN
Mum's mum

Once upon a time, in a small town, there lived a little girl named Lily. She loved playing word games, and her favorite was solving crossword puzzles with her grandma.

One day, while solving a particularly tricky puzzle, they stumbled upon a clue that read “Mum’s mum.” They scratched their heads for a while, trying to figure out the answer.

Lily’s grandma suddenly got up from her chair and disappeared into the kitchen. She came back holding a small photo album and sat next to Lily.

“This is your mum’s mum,” she said, pointing to an old picture of a smiling lady. “Her name was Nancy, but I always called her Nan.”

Lily’s eyes lit up with understanding, and she quickly filled in the answer “NAN” in the crossword puzzle.

From that day on, “Nan” became a special word for Lily and her grandma. They would always smile, remembering the kind-hearted lady who was once a part of their family.

And every time they solved a crossword puzzle with the clue “Mum’s mum,” they would think of Nan and remember the happy times they spent with her.