More discerning

More discerning - ACUTER
More discerning

Once upon a time, there was a young prince who was known for his sharp mind and keen senses. He could spot the slightest of details and had an uncanny ability to discern truth from lies.

One day, the prince was playing a game of chess with his wise old tutor when the tutor chanced upon a crossword puzzle. As they both began to solve it together, the prince noticed that some of the clues were quite easy while others were a bit more difficult.

Feeling up for the challenge, the prince took on the task of solving the most difficult clue of all – ‘More discerning‘. As he racked his brain for the answer, he thought about how the word ‘discerning‘ meant being able to distinguish and understand things clearly.

Suddenly, it hit him like a bolt of lightning – the answer was ‘ACUTER‘! This was because the word ‘acute‘ meant sharp or perceptive, and adding ‘er’ to it made it ‘more sharp‘ or ‘more perceptive‘.

Overjoyed with his discovery, the prince explained his answer to the tutor, who was impressed by the young prince’s acuity. From that day forward, the prince was known as the most ACUTER thinker in all the land!