Mistake fixer revealed: Solve this tricky crossword clue!

Mistake fixer revealed: Solve this tricky crossword clue! - ERASER
Mistake fixer

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The clue “Mistake fixer” is a hint for a seven-letter word commonly used in schools and offices. The answer is “ERASER.” An eraser is commonly known as a rubber in the United Kingdom or India and is a small, rectangular object used to remove pencil marks from paper or other surfaces.

Eraser is made of various materials like rubber, plastic, or foam, and it comes in different sizes and shapes. It can be mounted on the end of a pencil or used as a standalone tool.

Eraser is designed to remove different qualities of pencil marks from a surface. The harder the eraser, the more it can degrade the paper, and the more aggressive the marks it can remove. Conversely, soft erasers are used for delicate surfaces, and they gently remove pencil marks without damaging the paper.

In short, erasers are an essential tool for anyone who uses a pencil, especially in drawing, sketching, writing, and taking notes. They enable users to correct mistakes and errors efficiently, without the need to start over or reprint a document.