Mined find

Mined find - ORE
Mined find

Once upon a time, in a world far underground, there lived a group of hardworking dwarves. They spent their days digging deep into the earth in search of hidden treasures. The dwarves were always excited when they came across something new, and they would shout with glee and call out to each other.

One day, as they were digging through tough layers of rock and dirt, the dwarves heard a high-pitched, metallic sound coming from one of the tunnels. They quickly made their way over to the noise, eager to see what they had found.

As they dug deeper into the tunnel, they noticed something twinkling in the dirt. They brushed the dirt away and uncovered a small piece of shiny rock. Excitedly, they examined the rock more closely, and one of them exclaimed, “It’s ORE!

The dwarves were thrilled to have found such a valuable and precious mineral. They knew that they could use it for many things, such as making tools and weapons, and even jewelry. So they worked hard to dig out all the ore they could find in that tunnel, and they celebrated their good fortune with a hearty feast that night.

From that day on, the dwarves always kept their eyes peeled for more ORE. They knew that it was the ‘Mined find’ that could bring them prosperity and happiness. And so they continued to work hard, day after day, in the hopes of uncovering even more of this precious mineral.