Mined find

Mined find - LODE
Mined find

Once upon a time, in a town called Miner’s Creek, there was a group of miners digging deep into the Earth for precious resources. One day, while working tirelessly in a dark and claustrophobic section of the mine, one of the miners struck a hard object. It was a solid mineral formation that glittered in the dark, and they knew they had found something valuable.

Excited by the discovery, the miners worked tirelessly to extract as much of the mineral as possible. They followed the vein of the mineral formation deeper into the earth, hoping that they had stumbled upon a vast treasure of minerals. Hours turned into days, and days turned into weeks, but the miners continued their work with unwavering determination.

Finally, after weeks of hard work and perseverance, they had extracted all they could from the vein. The miners called this vein a “lode“, which has since become a common term used to refer to any vein of valuable minerals.

To honor the discovery and their hard work, the miners erected a monument in the town square. It read: “In honor of the miners who discovered a lode – a valuable mined find that put our town on the map.”

That, my friend, is the connection between the crossword clue ‘Mined find‘ and its answer ‘LODE‘.