Stumped by ‘Midnight Cowboy’ nickname? Get the answer now!

Stumped by ‘Midnight Cowboy’ nickname? Get the answer now! - RATSO
"Midnight Cowboy" nickname

Once upon a time, there was a cowboy named Ratso who lived in the wild, wild west. Ratso was well known among the townsfolk for his practical jokes and mischievous behavior. One night, Ratso was riding his trusty horse under the moonlight when he stumbled upon a group of outlaws planning to rob a bank. Being the cunning cowboy he was, Ratso decided to intervene. He crept up to the group and successfully scared them off. From that day on, Ratso became known as the “Midnight Cowboy” among the people of the town. Despite his playful nature, Ratso had a reputation for being a hero and protecting his community. Years passed and Ratso continued to roam the countryside, always ready for adventure and always causing a bit of trouble. He remained the infamous “Midnight Cowboy” until the end of his days, and his legacy lived on in tales that were passed down from generation to generation. And so, it came to be that Ratso the cowboy became forever remembered as the crossword puzzle answer to the clue “Midnight Cowboy” nickname: RATSO.