Stumped by ‘Metallic Fabric’ in Crossword? See the Answer Here!

Stumped by ‘Metallic Fabric’ in Crossword? See the Answer Here! - LAME
Metallic fabric

Sure! Lame is a type of metallic fabric that is composed of very thin ribbons of metal or metallic fibers, which are then woven together with a polyester or nylon base to give it a distinctive shimmer and shine. The word ‘lame‘ actually comes from the French word for “wool” because it was originally made with wool fibers. But nowadays it is commonly made with metallic threads, such as aluminum, copper or gold.

Lame is a popular fabric used in fashion and costume design, particularly for evening wear and dance costumes. It was originally used in medieval European textiles, but has become more commonly used in modern fashion and design. Because of the metallic nature of the fabric, it adds a touch of glamour and glitz to any outfit. However, it can often be quite delicate, so it needs to be handled with care.

In crossword puzzles, “lame” is often used as a clue for a type of metallic fabric. So, if you come across a crossword puzzle clue asking for a “metallic fabric,” the answer might be “lame.”