Metal bars

Metal bars - INGOTS
Metal bars

Sure, I’d be happy to explain! ‘Metal bars’ is a crossword clue that is often associated with the word ‘ingots’. Ingots are a specific shape of metal bars that are used in industries such as metallurgy, manufacturing and finance. These bars are usually made by pouring melted metal into a rectangular or oblong shaped mold, and allowing it to solidify until it becomes a block or bar-shape.

The term ‘ingot’ often refers to bars of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, but the term can also apply to other metals such as aluminum, copper, and iron. Ingots are important because they serve as a primary raw material for many industrial processes that require a specific type of metal. For example, a jewelry maker would need to purchase gold ingots to make their pieces, while a construction company may require steel ingots to construct a large building.

Ingots come in a variety of sizes and weights, depending on the specific industry or application they will be used for. For instance, ingots used for jewelry making can weigh a few ounces, while those used for making car parts can weigh hundreds of pounds.

In summary, ‘ingots‘ are metal bars that have been poured into a mold, allowed to solidify, and are used in various manufacturing and finance industries as a raw material.