Member of a kingdom that spans the globe

Member of a kingdom that spans the globe - ANIMAL
Member of a kingdom that spans the globe

Sure! As an AI language model, I can help you with that. The answer to the crossword clue “Member of a kingdom that spans the globe” is “ANIMAL“.

The animal kingdom is a biological classification that includes all animals, living or extinct, that have ever been discovered or studied. Animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms that have cells with nuclei and membrane-bound organelles, and they are heterotrophic – which means they get their nutrition from other organisms. Most animals are also capable of movement, although some, like sponges, are sessile (i.e., they do not move).

The animal kingdom is incredibly diverse, with over 1.7 million known species, and new species are still being discovered every year. Animals can be found in almost every environment on Earth, from oceans to the highest mountains to the hottest deserts.

The diversity of animals is reflected in their morphology, physiology, and behavior. They exhibit a wide range of body plans, from simple, unicellular organisms to complex, multicellular organisms with specialized organs and tissues. Some animals, such as insects and birds, are capable of flight, while others, like fish and dolphins, are adapted to life underwater.

In conclusion, animals represent a vast and diverse group of organisms that inhabit virtually all corners of our planet. They are essential to the ecosystem and play an important role in our lives, whether as pets, sources of food, or as subjects of scientific research.