Mekong Valley language

Mekong Valley language - LAO
Mekong Valley language

In a far-off land, nestled deep in the heart of the Mekong Valley, there once lived a small village. The villagers, though living humble lives, were known for their love of words and all things related to language.

One day, as the villagers were busy tending to their fields and livestock, they stumbled upon an ancient scroll. It was written in a language that none of them could understand, and they were intrigued by the mystery of it.

The village elders knew that they had to decipher the writing on the scroll, and so they summoned the most learned man in the village, a knowledgeable linguist named Lao. Lao had been born and raised in the Mekong Valley, and he had studied countless languages in his lifetime.

The villagers brought the scroll to Lao, and he immediately recognized the language as his native tongue, the language of his people – Lao! He was overjoyed at the discovery, and he set to work translating the scroll for his fellow villagers.

And thus, Lao’s expertise in his native language proved to be invaluable to the villagers, as they unlocked the secrets of the ancient scroll. From that day on, Lao was revered as a hero in the village, and the language of his people – Lao – became widely known and respected. And that, dear puzzlers, is why the answer to the crossword clue ‘Mekong Valley language’ is ‘LAO’.