Material that’s bad for the mouth?

Material that’s bad for the mouth? - SILT
Material that's bad for the mouth?

Once upon a time, there was a young prince who loved exploring the world with his trusty horse, Silver. One day, as they rode along the banks of a great river, the prince noticed that the water looked murky and dirty, like it was full of silt.

Curious, the prince leaned down to take a sip of the water, but as soon as it touched his tongue, he made a face and spat it out. “Yuck!” he exclaimed. “This water tastes terrible! It must be full of something that’s bad for the mouth!”

Just then, the prince remembered a crossword puzzle he had been working on before he left the castle. One of the clues was “Material that’s bad for the mouth?” and the answer was four letters long. The prince smiled as he realized the answer was right in front of him – SILT!

From then on, the prince always remembered that silt was something to avoid. And whenever he worked on a crossword puzzle, he would think back to that day by the river and smile.