Unravel the Mystery of Massage Parlor Supply in Crossword Puzzle

Unravel the Mystery of Massage Parlor Supply in Crossword Puzzle - OIL
Massage parlor supply

As a detective, my first instinct upon encountering the crossword clue ‘Massage parlor supply‘ is to think of the various things that are commonly used in massage parlors. Right off the bat, my mind goes to things like lotions and creams, as well as various tools and implements that might be used to administer the massage.

However, after taking a moment to really think about the clue, something else comes to mind – oil. It’s a common massage supply that is often used to lubricate the skin and make it easier to deliver a smooth, soothing massage. Plus, the word ‘supply‘ in the clue implies that we’re looking for something that is fairly simple and commonplace, and oil certainly fits the bill.

There are a few other clues within the crossword puzzle that seem to support the theory that ‘oil’ is the correct answer. For example, there may be intersecting clues that reference things like ‘aromatherapy‘ or ‘hot stones‘, both of which are commonly used alongside massage oils to create a relaxing and rejuvenating environment.

Ultimately, after considering all of the available clues and drawing on my knowledge of massage parlors and massage therapy, I confidently arrive at the answer of ‘oil‘ for this elusive crossword puzzle clue.