Man known for his morals

Man known for his morals - AESOP
Man known for his morals

Sure thing! Aesop is actually an ancient Greek writer who is best known for his collection of fables, which are short stories that often feature animals talking and serving as moral examples.

Aesop was born in the 6th century BCE and, although there is little historical information about his life, he is believed to have been a slave who was eventually freed. His fables were passed down orally for many years before being collected and written down by various authors, although many of them are still credited to Aesop.

What makes Aesop’s fables so famous is that they often contain life lessons that are still applicable today. For example, “The Tortoise and the Hare” teaches the lesson that slow and steady wins the race, while “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” reminds us not to lie.

So when a crossword clue asks for a “man known for his morals“, the answer is likely to be Aesop, as his fables are all about teaching good behavior and morals through storytelling.