Make lace

Make lace - TAT
Make lace

Once there was a young girl named Lucy who loved making crafts. One day, she decided to try her hand at making lace. She started by threading a long piece of thread through a small needle and began weaving it in and out of a pattern on a pillow. However, she quickly realized that her hands were not nimble enough to create the delicate lace she had envisioned.

As she sat there, feeling discouraged, her grandmother walked in and asked her what was wrong. Lucy explained her frustration with making lace and how she couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. Her grandmother gave her a smile and said, “You know, there’s a special word for making lace – it’s called ‘tatting.'”

Lucy’s eyes lit up with excitement as her grandmother showed her how to make lace using a technique called ‘tatting.’ With her grandmother’s patient guidance, Lucy learned how to weave the thread in and out of the pattern with ease, and soon she had created a beautiful piece of lace.

Years later, Lucy found herself doing a crossword puzzle and one of the clues was ‘Make lace.’ She smiled as she quickly filled in the four-letter answer, ‘TAT.’ She would always remember the special connection she had with the word, knowing that it wasn’t just a crossword answer, but a skill passed down to her by her beloved grandmother.