Breaking the Rules: Solving Major Etiquette Infractions

Breaking the Rules: Solving Major Etiquette Infractions - BIGNONOS
Major infractions of etiquette

The term BIGNONOS may not be a commonly known word, but it is a term used in the field of etiquette referring to major infractions of social conduct. BIGNONOS is actually a mnemonic device that helps people remember the primary categories of major social blunders.

Each letter in BIGNONOS stands for a different category of etiquette violation. B represents behavior, I represents integrity, G represents graciousness, N represents neatness, O represents orderliness, and S represents safety.

Behavior refers to actions that are considered uncivil or rude, like being overly aggressive or interrupting others.

Integrity pertains to ethical considerations, such as lying or violating social contracts.

Graciousness emphasizes respect for others, including using proper titles, kindness, and expressing gratitude.

Neatness involves keeping oneself and one’s surroundings clean and presentable.

Orderliness refers to keeping things organized and courteous in public spaces.

Lastly, safety pertains to avoiding actions that may pose harm to oneself or others.

By understanding these core categories’ nuances, one can be more aware of how their behavior impacts others and avoid committing major etiquette faux pas or BIGNONOSs. Thus, BIGNONOS serves as an excellent tool to help people remember what conduct is expected of them in social situations and avoid the embarrassment of committing any major social errors.