Magician’s stick

Magician’s stick - WAND
Magician's stick

Once upon a time in a land of magic, there was a great wizard named Merlin. He had a wand that he used to cast all sorts of spells and bring wonder to the people of the realm. One day, he had to go on a long journey and left his wand behind in a secret hiding place.

Some mischievous fairies discovered where the wand was hidden and decided to play a game with it. They would take turns casting spells on each other, transforming into different creatures, and doing all sorts of tricks. But one day, they accidentally broke the wand into many pieces.

Desperate to fix the wand, they consulted a wise old owl who told them that the only way to restore the wand was to find a special tree that grew in a distant land. So, they set out on a perilous journey to find the tree.

After many weeks, they finally arrived at the tree and found its branches perfect for making a new wand. The only problem was they didn’t know how to put it all together. So, they consulted a book of magic and discovered a clue: “A magician’s stick.

Puzzled by the meaning of the clue, they pondered for days until they realized that the answer was ‘wand.’ Finally, they used their newfound knowledge to put together the new wand, and it was as powerful as the old one. From that day on, they realized the importance of knowing the right word for an object, even if it is a clue in a crossword!