Madagascar’s aye-ayes and sifakas

Madagascar’s aye-ayes and sifakas - LEMURS
Madagascar's aye-ayes and sifakas

The answer to the crossword question “Madagascar’s aye-ayes and sifakas” is “LEMURS.” Lemurs are primates that are native to Madagascar, and there are approximately 100 different species of lemurs in existence. Aye-ayes and sifakas are two types of lemurs that are found on the island. Aye-ayes are nocturnal lemurs with long, thin fingers that they use to extract insects from wood. Sifakas, on the other hand, are diurnal lemurs that are known for their unique mode of locomotion – they move by leaping from tree to tree, holding their arms above their heads for balance. Overall, lemurs are fascinating creatures that are an important part of the biodiversity of Madagascar.