Lose crispness, as cereal

Lose crispness, as cereal - SOG
Lose crispness, as cereal

Once upon a time, there was a bowl of cereal named Crispy. Crispy was so proud of its name because it knew that its crispiness was what made it stand out among the other cereals in the pantry.

One day, Crispy was left out in the open for too long and got exposed to the humid air. As time passed, Crispy slowly began to lose its crispiness. It became soft and mushy, and no longer had that satisfying crunch that everyone loved.

Feeling sad and embarrassed, Crispy tried to hide from the other cereals. But one day, a wise old spoon came to Crispy’s aid. The spoon told Crispy that losing its crispiness was a common problem for cereals, and that there was even a word for it – “SOG“.

Crispy was amazed to hear this. It was relieved to know that it wasn’t alone in its soggy state. The spoon gave Crispy some tips on how to avoid becoming soggy in the future.

Thanks to the spoon’s advice, Crispy was able to regain its crispness and live happily ever after. And from that day forward, it knew that there was always help available when cereals begin to lose their crispiness and become soggy.