Stumped on Loose Attire Crossword Clue? Crack it Here!

Stumped on Loose Attire Crossword Clue? Crack it Here! - STOLE
Loosely worn item of attire

Once upon a time, there was a fashionable queen who had a magnificent collection of fur coats, shawls, and wraps. However, her favorite among them all was a regal stole made of soft, white ermine fur.

One day, while attending an elegant ball, the queen was dancing like never before when suddenly her precious stole slipped off her shoulders, exposing her back to the cold draft of the ballroom. Embarrassed and without missing a beat, the queen gracefully caught her stole mid-air and resumed dancing as if nothing had happened.

From that day on, the queen realized how much she loved her stole and how loosely it was worn around her shoulders. She started styling it in different ways – draping it over one shoulder, wrapping it around her neck, or even knotting it to create a quirky look.

Word of the queen’s fashionable stole spread like wildfire, and many ladies from the court started copying her style. Soon enough, the loosely-worn ermine stole became a fashion statement, and people began calling it a ‘stole‘, the answer to our crossword clue!

And that is the story of how a queen’s fashion mishap led to the creation of a trend-setting accessory.