Looks over

Looks over - EYES
Looks over

Sure! The answer to the crossword clue “Looks over” is EYES. The reason behind this is that the word “eyes” is associated with the act of looking over and observing things with attention and focus.

As you might already know, the eyes are one of the five senses in the human body that helps us perceive the world around us. They are the organs used for visual perception, and are responsible for detecting light, color, motion, and other visual stimuli.

When we look something over, we use our eyes to focus on the object and observe its details. This action is commonly referred to as “eyeing” something or “giving it the once-over.” It could be a fleeting glance or a prolonged gaze, but in either case, our eyes are at the center of this action.

Moreover, the word “eyes” is often used as a verb in the English language, indicating a person’s intent to observe or scrutinize something. For example, you might say “I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the answer” when you are trying to solve a crossword puzzle.

In summary, the word “eyes” is a perfect fit for the crossword clue “looks over” because it is the key organ involved in observing and perceiving the world around us.