Looked sleazily

Looked sleazily - LEERED
Looked sleazily

Hello! It seems you are inquiring about the crossword clue, “Looked sleazily“. The answer to this clue is “LEERED“.

To provide a comprehensive explanation of this answer, I must first explain what a “leer” is. A leer is a gaze or look that is filled with desire, usually in an inappropriate or uninvited manner.

Now, let’s break down the clue “Looked sleazily“. This clue implies that someone was staring in a manner that is perceived as sleazy or inappropriate. Thus, the answer “LEERED” fits perfectly since it is defined as casting such a gaze.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that the word “leered” can often connote malicious intent or being disrespectful or harmful towards someone. As such, it is crucial to be aware of our actions when communicating through our body language as we interact with people.

In conclusion, the answer to the crossword clue of “Looked sleazily” is “LEERED“, which means to cast a gaze that is filled with desire or perceived as inappropriate, usually without an invitation.