Lite - LOFAT

Once upon a time, there was a small village nestled in a valley surrounded by tall mountains. The villagers were happy and healthy, but they all had one problem – they loved to eat. Every day, they would gorge on sweets, fried food, and creamy dishes, and as a result, they started to feel sluggish and uncomfortable. They knew they needed to make a change but didn’t want to give up their love of food entirely.

One day, a wise old woman arrived in the village. She had traveled from afar and had something special to share with them. She carried with her a small canister labeled “LOFAT.” She explained that it was a magical powder that could make any dish just as flavorful as before but with fewer calories. The villagers were skeptical but desperate to try anything to help them feel better.

They took her up on her offer and began to sprinkle LOFAT on everything they cooked. Soon, they realized that the powder was indeed magical. Their food still tasted delicious, but they didn’t feel heavy or bloated after eating. They had energy and vitality, and their spirits lifted. The village become famous for their LOFAT cooking, and people came from far and wide to taste their creations.

Years passed, and the old woman eventually passed away, but the villagers carried on with her legacy. In honor of her, they decided to include the word “Lite” in all their recipes with LOFAT. And thus, the term LOFAT became associated with the crossword clue “Lite,” forever remembered as a magical powder that helped a village find the balance between their love of food and their health.