Link letters

Link letters - URL
Link letters

Once upon a time, in a sunny village, there lived a boy named Alex who loved solving puzzles. Every day, he would solve the crossword puzzle in the local newspaper. One day, he stumbled upon a clue that read “Link letters“.
Alex was confused about what the answer to the clue could be. To him, it seemed like a riddle that needed solving. He went on to ask his grandpa for help. His grandpa took him to his garden and plucked a jasmine flower. He then showed it to Alex and asked him, “Do you see how the petals are all linked together to form a beautiful flower?”
Alex nodded, and grandpa continued and explained that in the same way, the letters in the internet address (URL) were also linked together in a special way to create a unique pattern that led to a specific webpage.
Alex was amazed by this and rushed back to the newspaper to fill in the answer to the crossword. He quickly wrote down ‘URL‘ for the ‘Link letters’ clue and was overjoyed when he saw that it fit perfectly.
From that day on, Alex not only loved solving puzzles but also understood the importance of linking letters and how it could lead him to the information he was looking for in the vast world of the internet.