Like thin clouds

Like thin clouds - WISPY
Like thin clouds

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily who loved to lie down in the grass and look up at the sky, watching the clouds float by. One day, she noticed a particular kind of cloud that was very different from the rest. It was very thin and delicate, almost like it was made of white wisps.

Lily was curious, so she ran to her grandfather, who was an expert on clouds. “Grandpa,” she asked, “what do you call those thin clouds that look like little wisps of cotton candy?”

“They’re called wispy clouds, my girl,” her grandfather replied. “And they’re very rare to see because they’re usually found high up in the sky.”

From then on, Lily would spend every day looking up at the sky, hoping to catch a glimpse of those elusive wispy clouds. And whenever she solved a crossword puzzle, she would always smile when she saw the clue “Like thin clouds” because it reminded her of the beautiful, wispy clouds that she loved so much.