Like spaces reserved for compact cars

Like spaces reserved for compact cars - NARROW
Like spaces reserved for compact cars

1. Energized particles that create an aurora: AURORAL
2. Cultivated for its long, slender pods: BEAN
3. Common ingredient in soap and candles: TALLOW
4. Like a hawk, in terms of vision: KEEN
5. Filaments in incandescent lamps: TUNGSTEN
6. Mechanical devices for small movements: ACTUATORS
7. Used for measuring angles: PROTRACTOR
8. Musical composition for nine instruments: NONET
9. Spaces reserved for compact cars: NARROW
10. Device that converts mechanical force into electrical energy: GENERATOR
11. A tropical fruit with yellow skin and green flesh: PAPAYA
12. Group of four performers or musicians: QUARTET
13. Source of wool for knitting: SHEEP
14. Ancient device for writing: PAPYRUS
15. Unit of electric power: WATT