Like some grounders in baseball

Like some grounders in baseball - ONEHOP
Like some grounders in baseball

Once upon a time, in a small town, there was a group of friends who loved to play baseball. They would gather every afternoon after school and practice their swings and throws. One of the boys, named Jack, was known for his powerful grounders.

One day, the coach decided to challenge the team by asking them to hit a ball that was being thrown with only one bounce on the ground. Jack was sure that he could do it, but he didn’t know that the coach had secretly greased the ball to make it more difficult.

Jack stepped up to the plate and swung with all his might, hitting the ball hard and low. The ball bounced once and Jack ran as fast as he could towards first base. The other players on the field watched in amazement as the ball flew by, almost as if it had grown wings.

The coach shouted, “That’s a ONEHOP, Jack! Great job!” And Jack beamed with pride, knowing that he had shown off his incredible skill. From that day on, the team practiced hitting ONEHOPs and Jack became their star player.

So, when you see the crossword clue ‘Like some grounders in baseball’, just remember Jack and his amazing ONEHOP.