Like many invitations nowadays

Like many invitations nowadays - EMAILED
Like many invitations nowadays

Once upon a time, there was a grand palace deep inside a lush green forest where the king and queen lived. They were well-known for throwing the grandest parties and inviting the most important people in the kingdom. One day, the queen told her prime minister that she wanted to invite all the nobles and dignitaries to a special feast.

The prime minister knew that traditionally, invitations were sent via carrier pigeons or on fancy invitations written on parchment paper. However, the prime minister had recently read an article that stated that many invitations were now being sent digitally. He suggested that instead of traditional invitations, they could send an email to the guests with a digital invitation attached.

The queen was hesitant at first, but with the prime minister’s assurance and explanation of how the process worked, she agreed to try it out. So, the prime minister set to work and sent the invitations electronically, which the guests received in their inboxes, on their laptops, and on their smartphones.

To everyone’s surprise, the response rate was astounding! Many guests replied within minutes of receiving the invitation, and everyone appreciated the ease and convenience of receiving an invitation via email. From that day on, the palace sent out invitations primarily via email.

And that is how “Like many invitations nowadays” became synonymous with “EMAILED.”