Like an otter’s feet

Like an otter’s feet - WEBBED
Like an otter's feet

Once upon a time in a lush riverbank, there lived an otter family – Mother Otter, Father Otter, and their adorable little ones. They loved to run around and play in the water, especially with their webbed paws, which they used to swim and catch fish.

One day, little Otter Junior was curious about why their paws looked different from other animals. He asked his mother, “Why are our feet so wide and connected with skin?

Mother Otter smiled and explained, “That’s because our feet are webbed, which is a special adaptation that helps us swim faster and hunt for food underwater.

Little Otter Junior was fascinated and asked, “Does that mean we can swim better than other animals?

Yes,” said Mother Otter, “our webbed feet make us great swimmers. We’re even able to swim backward and forward easily!

Just then, Father Otter came over and said, “Kids, it’s time to practice swimming and catching fish. Let’s go.

The little otters happily dove into the water, showing off their webbed feet as they swam and played. And from that day on, little Otter Junior was proud of his special webbed feet that made him an excellent swimmer, just like his family.