Like a bellowing crowd

Like a bellowing crowd - AROAR
Like a bellowing crowd

Sure, no problem. The crossword clueLike a bellowing crowd” suggests that the answer should be a word that describes the sound made by a large and noisy group of people. The word that fits this description is “aroar.”

Aroar” means to be in a state of loud, continuous noise, like the sound of a crowd at a sporting event or concert. It comes from the combination of the prefix “a-” (meaning “on” or “in”) and the word “roar.”

The word “aroar” can be used in a variety of ways for different contexts. For instance, you can say that the crowd was aroar with excitement during a crucial moment of the game. Or, you can describe a party that was aroar with music and dancing.

Overall, “aroar” is a great word that captures the energy and volume of a large group of people. So, if you ever come across a crossword clue that asks for a word that describes a bellowing crowd, remember that “aroar” is an excellent answer that you can use.