Lift up

Lift up - EXALT
Lift up

Sure, I’d be happy to explain the crossword clue ‘Lift up‘. The answer for this clue is ‘EXALT‘. In the context of this puzzle, the word ‘EXALT‘ is essentially a synonym for ‘lift up‘. However, in the broader sense, ‘EXALT‘ is a powerful and rich word that carries deep meanings.

The word ‘EXALT‘ comes from the Latin word ‘exaltare’ which means to raise up or elevate. To exalt something or someone means to raise it up or lift it to a higher level of honor, dignity, or power. We can exalt someone by praising them, by giving them a raise or a promotion, or by giving them a public acknowledgement of their achievements. We can also exalt something by raising its status, importance, or influence.

In a religious context, ‘exalt‘ means to glorify or praise God or other spiritual beings. Many religious texts including the Bible use the word ‘exalt‘ to describe the honoring of God and the lifting of his name in praise.

In summary, the crossword clue ‘Lift up‘ is satisfied with the answer ‘EXALT‘, which essentially means to raise up, elevate or glorify. It is a powerful and rich word that carries deep meanings related to honor, dignity, and spiritual upliftment.