Lets loose

Lets loose - UNTIES
Lets loose

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous dog named Max who loved to play pranks on his owner, Sarah. One day, while Sarah was taking a nap, Max decided to play a little game. He sneaked up to her shoelaces and gave them a good chew until they came undone. Sarah woke up with a start, wondering how her laces had come untied on their own.

This became a habit for Max. Every time Sarah took a nap, he would sneak up and untie her shoelaces. Sarah soon caught on and started making crossword puzzles with clues that reminded her of Max’s pranks. One of the clues she made was “Lets loose,” and the answer was “UNTIES.”

Sarah never got mad at Max because she saw the humor in his pranks. And Max was happy because he got to play his favorite game without getting in trouble. From that day on, Sarah and Max enjoyed their playful bond, and Max’s mischievous spirit brought laughter and joy into their lives.