Lead-in to mail or box

Lead-in to mail or box - VOICE
Lead-in to mail or box

Sure, I would be happy to explain the answer ‘VOICE’ for the crossword clue ‘Lead-in to mail or box’.

In the context of the clue, the word ‘lead-in’ refers to the first part of a word or phrase that connects it to another word or phrase. So, when we see the phrase ‘lead-in to mail or box’, we are looking for a word that comes before the words ‘mail’ or ‘box’ to form a common phrase or expression.

The answer to this crossword clue is ‘VOICE’. ‘Voice’ is often used as a lead-in to the words ‘mail’ or ‘box’ to form phrases like ‘voice mail’ or ‘voice box’.

Voice mail‘ is a messaging system used to record and store voice messages when a person is not available to answer a phone call. ‘Voice box‘, on the other hand, refers to a medical condition where a person has difficulty speaking or producing sound due to damage or disease affecting their vocal cords.

So, in summary, ‘voice‘ is a common lead-in word used with ‘mail’ or ‘box’, and it is commonly associated with messaging systems and medical conditions related to the production of sound.