Lathered up

Lathered up - SOAPY
Lathered up

Once upon a time, in a bustling old town, there was a middle-aged woman named Sarah. Sarah always had a sweet smile on her face, but she was known for her fierce temper when things didn’t go her way.

One day, Sarah decided to take a relaxing bath to calm her nerves. She filled up the tub with hot water and poured in some lavender bath salts. Just as she started to relax, she realized she had forgotten her soap.

Frustrated, Sarah jumped out of the bath and searched her bathroom for a bar of soap. After a few minutes, she finally found one tucked away in a corner. She lathered it up and applied it to her body, feeling the slippery sensation on her skin.

As she relaxed back into the bath, Sarah couldn’t help but chuckle at the connection between her current situation and the crossword puzzle she had been stuck on all morning. The clue was “Lathered up,” and the answer was “SOAPY.”

From then on, Sarah never forgot her soap again and always remembered the creative connection between her crossword puzzles and her daily routine.