Last in a series

Last in a series - ZEE
Last in a series

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Last in a series’, my first instinct would be to consider words associated with the end, such as ‘conclusion’, ‘finale’ or ‘epilogue’. However, these words are too long to fit within the designated spaces allocated for the answer. I would then look at the space provided and notice that it only fits one letter.

Now, considering the fact that the English alphabet has 26 letters, it becomes clear that there is only one letter that signifies the end of a series – ‘ZEE’. This is because when we recite the alphabet, ‘ZEE’ is always the last letter, indicating it’s the final letter in a sequence.

Therefore, my answer to the crossword clue ‘Last in a series’ would be ‘ZEE’. As a detective, I enjoy using my insights and observations to solve puzzles and mysteries, and the solution to this crossword clue is a testament to the power of deduction and logical reasoning.