Land-clearing tractor attachment

Land-clearing tractor attachment - BUSHHOG
Land-clearing tractor attachment

As a detective, I always start by breaking down the crossword clue into its essential components. In this case, we know that the solution is a type of tractor attachment used for land clearing. This already gives us a good starting point – we know that we’re looking for a tool that is likely heavy duty and designed to clear away debris and brush.

From there, I started brainstorming different options that could fit the bill. A backhoe or bulldozer attachment might work, but they aren’t typically associated with land clearing. A snow blade or plow wouldn’t be useful in this context either.

But then I remembered a term that I had seen before: bushhog. A bushhog (also known as a brush hog or rotary cutter) is a type of heavy-duty mower attachment that is specifically designed for chopping down thick brush and vegetation. It is often used for land clearing before construction or farming.

When I considered all the evidence in front of me, it was clear that bushhog was the answer to the crossword puzzle clue. Its heavy-duty construction, association with land clearing, and precision cutting ability all make it the perfect tool for the job. I always trust my instincts and knowledge of machinery and am proud of my ability to solve even the most cryptic clues.