Klutz’s cry

Klutz’s cry - OOPS
Klutz's cry

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The crossword clue ‘Klutz’s cry‘ is asking for a word that a clumsy person might exclaim when they make a mistake or have an accident. The answer to this particular clue is ‘OOPS‘.

OOPS‘ is a short, simple exclamation that is commonly used to express a sense of surprise or regret when something unexpected happens. It is often used as a way to acknowledge a mistake or accident, especially if the person making the mistake is embarrassed or trying to make light of the situation.

The word ‘OOPS‘ is actually a fairly recent addition to the English language. It first appeared in print in the late 1920s, and has since become a widely recognized and popular way to express a sense of mild surprise or regret.

In crossword puzzles, ‘OOPS‘ is a common answer to clues that refer to mistakes, accidents, or clumsy behavior. If you come across a clue like ‘Klutz’s cry‘ in a crossword puzzle or any other word game, you can feel confident that ‘OOPS‘ is likely to be the correct answer.

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