“King Lear” son

“King Lear” son - EDGAR
"King Lear" son

Once upon a time, there was a great king named Lear. King Lear had his fair share of children, including a beloved son named Edgar. Edgar was his father’s pride and joy, a picture of loyalty and humility.

But one dreadful day, King Lear made a terrible decision, causing him to disown his loyal son Edgar and instead favor his deceitful and malicious son, Edmund. Edgar was heartbroken, for he had always served his father with the utmost loyalty and now felt betrayed.

Despite the painful loss of his father’s love, Edgar persevered and went into hiding to protect his life from Edmund’s machinations. In doing so, he adopted a disguise and assumed the name Tom of Bedlam.

Years passed, and the father and his traitorous son Edmund eventually met their fate. At the end of it all, Edgar revealed his true identity to his father, demonstrating his love and restoring his loyalty to the deposed king.

And so, when confronted with the crossword puzzle’s clue “‘King Lear’ son,” the answer was clear – it was none other than the loyal, virtuous, and resilient Edgar.