Kind of soup

Kind of soup - LENTIL
Kind of soup

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the heart of the countryside, there lived a renowned chef named Chef Jacques. Chef Jacques was famous for his delicious and hearty soups which he would make for the villagers during the winter months when the cold winds blew.

One day, as Chef Jacques was preparing his soup, he realized that he had run out of his favorite ingredient – lentils. Not wanting to disappoint his customers, he decided to send his young apprentice, Pierre, to the nearby market to buy some fresh lentils.

Pierre set off with a hop and a skip, eager to please his master. On the way to the market, he saw a group of villagers gathered around an old crossword puzzle, scratching their heads and trying to figure out the answer to a clue that read “Kind of soup“. Pierre, being anavid crossword enthusiast himself, quickly looked over their shoulders and shouted out the answer – “Lentil, it’s lentil soup!”

The villagers were amazed at how quickly Pierre had solved the clue and praised him for his cleverness. Buoyed by the attention, Pierre quickly purchased the lentils for Chef Jacques and ran back to present them to his master.

Overjoyed at the success of his soup and the cleverness of his apprentice, Chef Jacques added extra lentils to make it even heartier. From that day on, “Lentil soup” became the signature dish of the village, and Pierre was known as the clever apprentice who brought the village’s favorite soup to life. And whenever anyone in the village saw a crossword puzzle with the clue “Kind of soup“, they knew exactly what the answer would be – “Lentil, it’s lentil soup!”