Kind of identity

Kind of identity - RACIAL
Kind of identity

Once upon a time, there was a diverse community of animals living in a vast forest. One day, they all decided to have a party and celebrate their unique identities. However, they soon realized that they couldn’t tell each other apart because they all looked so different. So, they had an idea to use labels to identify themselves.

First up was a sleek black panther, who proudly declared, “I am an animal of the RACIAL category!” The other animals looked at him in confusion. “What does that mean?” they asked.

The panther explained that RACIAL referred to the distinct physical characteristics and features that belonged to a specific group of animals. Just like how he had a beautiful coat of black fur, other animals had their own unique traits that made them who they were.

The animals were amazed at how the crossword clue ‘Kind of identity’ and its answer, RACIAL, described the beauty of their differences. They began to embrace and celebrate their own unique identities, all thanks to the clever panther who had shown them the way. From that day forward, they never forgot the importance of recognizing and celebrating their RACIAL identity.