Kind of button

Kind of button - RESET
Kind of button

As a detective, my first step in solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Kind of button‘ was to break down the clue and consider its possible meanings. I started by associating buttons with various contexts, such as clothing, technology, and machinery. Puzzling out the true meaning of ‘kind of‘ was also crucial as it indicated that the answer might belong to a specific category or type.

The word ‘reset‘ caught my attention due to its dual meaning. Firstly, it refers to a button or control that allows one to set something back to its initial state. Secondly, ‘reset‘ can describe a particular type of button commonly used in electronic devices. As such, it satisfied the constraints of the crossword clue by fitting into two related word categories.

Further, my active imagination took me to the idea that the reset button is a central command button that restores things back to their original configuration, and thus it is a unique type of button high in utility, importance and relevance. I was certain of the answer, and all parts of the puzzle aligned perfectly to conclude that ‘reset‘ was the right word for the crossword clue ‘kind of button‘.