Kind of beetle

Kind of beetle - STAG
Kind of beetle

Once upon a time, there was a young entomologist named Sarah. Sarah loved nothing more than exploring the great outdoors in search of fascinating and unique bugs. She was particularly drawn to beetles, with their shiny shells and intricate patterns.

One day, while on a hike through the forest, Sarah stumbled upon a beetle unlike any she had ever seen before. It was large and majestic, with pointed antlers protruding from its head like a miniature deer.

Excitedly, Sarah pulled out her notebook to record her findings. She scribbled down everything she could about this magnificent beetle, including its distinct antlers that resembled those of a stag.

And that’s how Sarah solved the crossword clue ‘Kind of beetle’. She knew that the unique beetle she had discovered in the forest was none other than the STAG beetle, and she couldn’t wait to share her discovery with the world.