Kind of bag that may hold swag

Kind of bag that may hold swag - TOTE
Kind of bag that may hold swag

Once upon a time in a bustling city, there was a girl named Sarah who loved shopping. However, she had a problem – she always ended up carrying too many bags after a shopping spree. One day, while she was walking on the street, she stumbled upon a stray cat who was struggling to carry a giant fish in its mouth. The fish kept slipping out of the cat’s mouth, and it was having a hard time keeping up with it.

Sarah was inspired and decided to help the cat by giving it a tote bag. The cat was ecstatic and placed the fish into the tote bag with ease. From that moment on, Sarah realized how useful a tote bag can be – it could hold anything, including swag! She started using tote bags for her shopping sprees and never had to struggle with multiple bags again.

So, the next time Sarah was doing a crossword puzzle and came across the clue ‘Kind of bag that may hold swag,’ she knew the answer right away – TOTE!