Kathmandu residents

Kathmandu residents - NEPALIS
Kathmandu residents

In the bustling city of Kathmandu, there lived a group of warm and hospitable people known as the Nepalis. They were known for their rich traditions and culture that dated back centuries, and they loved to share their unique way of life with anyone who was willing to learn.

One day, a group of tourists arrived in Kathmandu and they were excited to explore the city and learn more about the local culture. As they wandered through the streets, they came across a newspaper with a crossword puzzle on the front page. As they looked at the clue for ‘Kathmandu residents’, they realized that they had met many Nepalis during their travels and knew that the answer had to be ‘NEPALIS’.

As they continued exploring the city, they noticed that many of the locals they met were indeed Nepalis. They were greeted with warm smiles and generous hospitality everywhere they went. The tourists soon realized that the Nepalis were the heart and soul of Kathmandu, and they were delighted to have made new friends amongst them.

Throughout their trip, the tourists continued to encounter more and more Nepalis, from shopkeepers to tour guides to restaurant owners. They had all made Kathmandu their home and welcomed visitors with open arms. By the end of their journey, the tourists had gained a deep appreciation for the Nepalis and the vital role they played in the city’s vibrant culture.

And so, the next time the tourists encountered the crossword clue ‘Kathmandu residents’, they knew immediately that it referred to the friendly and welcoming people they had come to know as the NEPALIS.