Junket - TOUR

Once upon a time, there was a young couple named Jack and Jill who loved to travel. They had a passion for exploring new places, trying different cuisines, and experiencing diverse cultures.

One day, they stumbled upon a travel agency that offered a unique type of vacation called a “Junket.” Intrigued, they decided to sign up for the trip without knowing what it was.

On the day of departure, they found themselves on a luxurious tour bus with other travelers, each one as excited as they were. As the bus was driving through stunning landscapes, a friendly guide explained that a Junket was an old English term that originally meant a pilgrimage to a holy place.

However, over time, it came to mean any type of trip associated with pleasure or relaxation, especially for public officials who were lavishly entertained by private companies. Today, it has evolved to mean an enjoyable excursion, usually sponsored by a company or government agency.

As Jack and Jill continued on their Junket, they realized how fitting the word was for the type of trip they were on. They were, after all, exploring new places, trying different cuisines, and experiencing diverse cultures – all while being lavishly entertained. The word “tour” just didn’t do justice to the adventure they were having.

And so, they returned home with newfound knowledge about the history of the word “Junket,” and a greater appreciation for the perfect crossword solution: “TOUR.”