Judge - DEEM

As a detective, I scrutinized the crossword clue ‘Judge‘, and considered all the possible meanings that the word could have. Initially, my mind went straight to the word ‘Honor‘, as it is often used as a title for judges in court proceedings. However, the number of letters in the answer did not fit the amount of spaces left in the crossword puzzle.

I then considered other meanings of the word ‘Judge‘, such as to evaluate, to form an opinion or decision. This led me to the word ‘Deem‘, which fit the number of spaces left and the definition of the word ‘Judge‘ perfectly. Further, I recalled that ‘Deem‘ is often used in legal language to indicate that a judge or court has formed an opinion or decision on a matter.

As a result, I confidently filled in the answer ‘Deem‘ and admired how it perfectly fit the crossword puzzle. The process of solving this particular clue did teach me that it is vital to think outside the box and consider all possible meanings of a word before filling in the answer. As a detective, a careful and curious approach always leads to success.