Can’t crack the clue for jockeys’ rival? Unveiling the answer

Can’t crack the clue for jockeys’ rival? Unveiling the answer - HANES
Jockey's main competitor?

There once was a jockey named Jack. He was the best in the land, racing his horse across the finish line time and time again. But one day, Jack noticed something strange. Whenever he would finish a race, he would see a small sign in the crowds that read “Hanes”. At first, he didn’t think much of it, but then he began to notice it more and more often.

Jack became curious and asked an older jockey about the sign. The older jockey chuckled and explained that Hanes was his main competitor. While Jack was the best jockey in the land, Hanes was the best jockey underwear brand in the world. Riders needed comfortable and supportive underwear to keep them comfortable during long hours in the saddle, and Hanes was the brand of choice.

Jack was impressed by Hanes’ reputation and decided to give them a try. From that day on, he always wore Hanes underwear during his races, feeling more comfortable and confident than ever before.

Even though Hanes was never there on the track, they were still Jack’s main competitor as they provided him with the comfort and support he needed to be the best jockey in the game.