Jersey call

Jersey call - MOO
Jersey call

Great! The Jersey call is a common staple in crosswords and is typically a four-letter answer. It is referring to the sound a cow makes when it communicates, which is a “MOO.” A cow’s vocalization can be described as a low-pitched and drawn-out sound that is used to indicate a variety of emotions such as distress, mating, or aggression.

One interesting thing to note is that not all cows say “moo” in the same way. The tone and pitch of a cow’s vocalizations can vary depending on the breed, age, sex, and individual personality of the cow. For instance, a Jersey cow, which is a breed of dairy cattle, may produce a more distinct and higher-pitched “moo” sound compared to other breeds.

So, to sum it up, “MOO” is the answer to the crossword clue “Jersey call” because it is the sound associated with the vocalization of cows, specifically the Jersey breed.