Jekyll and Pepper, for two: Abbr.

Jekyll and Pepper, for two: Abbr. - DRS
Jekyll and Pepper, for two: Abbr.

Once upon a time in a fictional world, there were two rival scientists, Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Pepper. Both of them were desperately fighting to discover the ultimate formula that would cure all diseases in the world. Dr. Jekyll was a reserved and contemplative person who believed in the practical approach, whereas Dr. Pepper was more outgoing and flamboyant, using his eccentricity to gain an edge.

One day they discovered a piece of paper with a crossword puzzle on it. They decided to solve it together, hoping it would improve their teamwork skills. The clue that caught their attention was ‘Jekyll and Pepper, for two: Abbr.‘ They pondered for a while, contemplating the possibility of their names being the answer to the clue. But it didn’t seem right.

Suddenly, they had an epiphany. They realized that the clue was actually referring to their shared profession, and that the abbreviation ‘DRS‘ would be their answer! It was a funny and ironic moment, as they both laughed at how they overlooked such a simple clue.

From that day on, they worked as a team and finally discovered the ultimate cure for all diseases. Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Pepper were remembered as the best medical scientists in the world, and the crossword puzzle became a symbol of the spark that brought them closer. So next time you solve a puzzle like this, remember that great achievements are often a result of teamwork!