It’s yours, for a while

It’s yours, for a while - RENTAL
It's yours, for a while

The answer to the crossword question, “It’s yours, for a while,” is RENTAL. The clue refers to the concept of renting, which is the act of paying to use something for a defined period of time. A rental can apply to many different types of items, such as cars, homes, or equipment. This term is often used in the context of vacations or short-term needs, such as renting a beach house or tools for a home project. The word “yours” in the clue refers to the fact that the rented item is in the possession of the renter for a temporary period, during which they are responsible for taking care of the item and returning it in the same condition. Overall, the answer RENTAL accurately describes the concept of a temporary agreement to use and care for someone else’s property.