Stuck on a Crossword Clue? Solve the Uphill Challenge Here

Stuck on a Crossword Clue? Solve the Uphill Challenge Here - EVERESTBASECAMP
It's an uphill climb from here

Deep in the rugged mountains of Nepal, there lay a small village named Lukla. The village was nestled at the foothills of the mighty Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. Every year, thousands of people from across the globe descended upon this sleepy little village with one ambition in mind – to climb the peak of Mount Everest.

But little did they know that their journey would not start at the base of the mountain, as one would typically assume. Instead, they would have to embark on an arduous trek to the Everest Base Camp, situated at an elevation of over 17,000 feet above sea level, where they could then set forth on their climb up the mountain.

The locals had a saying, “It’s an uphill climb from here.” This phrase became so popular that the crossword enthusiasts started using it as a clue for one of their puzzles. The answer to this clue, as everyone in Lukla knew, was “Everest Base Camp.”

So, whenever a puzzler asked for a six-letter word that indicated a mountain climb was going to be difficult, the answer was always Everest Base Camp. As puzzlers scratched their heads, trying to come up with an appropriate word, the people of Lukla would smile knowingly. They knew the real uphill climb lay ahead, but for those with enough grit and determination, reaching Everest Base Camp was the first step towards conquering the world’s mightiest mountain.